So who does Na-Bi like at the bottom?

So who does Na-Bi like at the bottom?

So who does Na-Bi like at the bottom?

Na-Bi’s conflicted ideas are merely made worse whenever she minds home and you may inspections brand new green publication. Contained in this are numerous more drawings. One to shows the lady position amidst a-sea off shadowy black colored styles. That is symbolic of their earliest conference, when Jae-Eon set attention on her at the artwork showcase. Since then, he could be wished to operate for the their again and has not yet eliminated thought about the lady.

Better, it’s exhibition time and every gang appear at gallery so you’re able to admire Na-Bi’s work. The woman Teacher is incredibly proud of Na-Bi’S works. Indeed, she even offers Na-Bi the ability to “pass on this lady wings” and you can visit Paris. It’s a big opportunity but she are unable to prevent frowning. Why? Better, Jae-Eon’s perhaps not here.

Do-Hyeok comes in the event, forking over a beneficial bouquet from flowers regrettably knowing the specifics. Na-Bi is in love which have Jae-Eon as there are nothing he can do in order to changes one. No matter if Perform-Hyeok comes up as promised, Na-Bi thanks a lot him and apologizes getting breaking their cardio. Do-Hyeok bows nonetheless and you will simply leaves.

What takes place to the other emails?

Better, the prior episode compensated every large dramatic points getting our very own supporting partners. In public areas, Sol and you may Ji-Wan express how much they prefer one another when you are Bit-Na and you will Kyu-Hyun do the exact same. In fact, it outright know how long they might be romantically connected, all the way right back once the first year on workshop. Centered on Part-Na, she wished to build your the girl date since it earliest found.

If you’re people are all smiles from the food, Na-Bi understands she misses Jae-Eon. She heads back to the latest expo where she finds out Jae-Eon appreciating the new angel. Na-Bi phone calls him a beneficial jerk, specifically provided he never ever turned up promptly and you may skimped out on the indicating themselves previously.

Na-Bi admits one she understands he is a beneficial jerk you to playthings which have mans attitude but nevertheless seems ideal whenever this woman is that have him. She doesn’t want your commit anyplace, regardless if meaning he’ll still toy along with her feelings.

Whilst do, we slash across in order to Jae-Eon and you can Na-Bi together with her walking in conjunction. Na-Bi contemplates permitting wade when she notices Perform-Hyeok however, changes this lady notice, choosing to go on so it street this woman is chose getting by herself. In reality, Jae-Eon actually suggests they find some butterflies however, she outright refuses.

Performed Jae-Eon purposefully split Na-Bi’s venture?

Thus Nonetheless departs but let’s reflect on new event within gallery. Now, I understand why are any sort of accident exactly what when it wasn’t?

It might very well be one Jae-Eon intentionally sabotaged the statue and missing it discover close to Na-Bi. At all, indeed there needed to be a reason for these to talk once again and you can exactly what top time for you to exercise than just from the studio?

We’ve viewed Jae-Eon skulking as much as immediately after-instances and exactly how one statue are totally destroyed to bits brings up all sorts of alarm bells. It may very well be you to in the depressive condition the guy intentionally sabotaged the whole venture.

Jae-Eon is suspiciously jovial as he recommended it works together to correct it, and then we learn he or she is a manipulative man as well. He might well purchased it given that a way to winnings the girl more than. He had been all happy-smiley which have Jin-Soo while they ate dining together and also honoured Na-Bi’s wishes of staying away. We’ll can’t say for sure however – exactly what do all of you think? Was just about it a major accident? Or good spiteful progress Jae-Eon’s region?

New Occurrence Feedback

Thus at all you to heartache and crisis across ten periods, Na-Bi decides to betray her lead and you will squeeze into their cardio. I mean, she actually states at the conclusion of this new event, “I’m sure that it will end in myself problems.” That it seems to send a very conflicting content that if you may be inside a questionable relationship, you ought to simply disregard the red flags and you may keep on obliviously. I am aware which is most likely not what that it reveal goes to possess, but that’s the message I get.


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So who does Na-Bi like at the bottom?

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