New interventionists was in fact given a big amount of modern weapons, enough guns for up to ten,one hundred thousand boys

New interventionists was in fact given a big amount of modern weapons, enough guns for up to ten,one hundred thousand boys

New interventionists was in fact given a big amount of modern weapons, enough guns for up to ten,one hundred thousand boys

The Pentagon’s military plan to carry out this operation was also well thought-out and drafted from the purely military point of view. The Pentagon’s plan provided for launching a lightning strike, and in the event of its failure consolidation in this inaccessible sector of territory and the waging of a lengthy war of attrition against Cuba, mainly with the aid of aircraft. In developing the plan of intervention against Cuba the USA proceeded from the position that at the first clash the revolutionary army and people’s militia would scatter and a mass revolt against the revolutionary government would arise throughout the entire country. This, however, is this new Pentagon’s head miscalculation.

The united states mentioned with the people from the inner counterrevolution ahead running into the newest counterrevolutionaries. Half dozen battalions in most, included in this an excellent parachute battalion, was indeed got around air protection. The total electricity of your violence classification involved 1500 guys. Throughout the comments of your own inmates they follows why these have been an element of the forces that your external counterrevolution had nowadays. Nowadays, in all probability, short detachments from counterrevolutionaries were left in the us and other Central Western places which are zero higher hazard to help you Cuba away from the fresh military point of view.

Fidel Castro told you, the fresh attack of your own counterrevolutionary groups on Cuba, as well as today getting based in line with the functions with happened, are well and meticulously arranged regarding the armed forces sense

Fidel Castro went on, the entire Staff of one’s military and also the man’s soldiers set-up an intend to surround the latest amphibious push which in fact had landed. If this try complete the main task wasn’t to let brand new interventionists to penetrate into inside of the world, to the north, and brand new eastern, for the region of Escambray. A mission try tasked meanwhile to reduce off which adversary group throughout the sea, not allow it to be evacuated. Fidel Castro went on, a big role about depletion of the challenger assault force try starred from the vanguard sky push hence, though it designated merely ten routes in every, still sank five vessels of your own interventionists and many barges with firearms and you can ammo. In addition, the road for their retreat was therefore cut off. Ten challenger routes were try down when you look at the fights.

The fresh adversary group are rapidly pent-up and you may demoralized this means that of heavens impacts, mortar, and you can artillery flame. Thanks to the successful encirclement operations none of interventionists treated to break through to Escambray nor become exhausted from the ocean. Nowadays brand new interventionists is actually surrendering durante masse as well as the count off prisoners currently exceeds eight hundred. The brand new army and people’s militia have forfeit into the race more a hundred males murdered and throughout the two hundred injured.

Next Fidel Castro mentioned that right now practical question is being elevated throughout the Us regarding demonstrating compassion to the interventionists. He said, we can let you know such mercy simply on one position: the newest Us gets pledges you to definitely counterrevolutionary rings are not delivered to help you Cuba more, that Us will stop arming, degree, and supporting him or her, while having that Cuban counterrevolutionary communities who possess found safeguards into its territory have a tendency to disband. Corresponding instructions contained in this direction was indeed made available to Raul Roa.

Numerous inquiries associated with development of this new international coverage and you will home-based state within the Cuba was indeed handled up on during then dialogue having Fidel Castro and you can Dorticos

The brand new defeat of the interventionists, stressed Fidel Castro, has actually inflicted a keen irreparable blow to help you All of us prestige, as well as in Latin The united states above all else. New annoying speeches regarding Kennedy show that the guy desires to intimidate or, rather, keep up with the concern about the united states of the Latin american individuals. But not, now the situation has radically altered. We believe that when Kennedy tries to improve the Cuban concern from the Providers out-of American Says right now and you may demand agreement to do a collective intervention against Cuba, this will resulted in failure of OAS. Brazil, Mexico, and Ecuador will now more certainly help Cuba.


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New interventionists was in fact given a big amount of modern weapons, enough guns for up to ten,one hundred thousand boys

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